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You can either be born with flat foot or you can acquire it by wearing the wrong type of shoes, not paying attention to your posture or sitting position, the position you sleep in could also be a contributing factor. As an adult you can get flat foot as a result of an injury, or illness, an unusual or prolonged stress to the foot, bad biomechanics, or it can be obtained by age.


Don't let your flat feet slow you down.

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First we determined what type of flat feet you have through x-rays, CT scans and MRI scans before we start any treatment.

After a thorough examination we would use treatments that involve insoles, splints, manipulation, or casting. If your condition is more severe and is non-responsive to the about treatment only then do we go for surgery.

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Our treatment options for you are:

A flat foot is a very common condition found in 20-30% of the population, some individuals are born with it and some individuals acquire it over the years. If a flat foot develops as an adult it generally remains flat permanently. Although some individuals who have flat foot may not experience any problem, there are some who might face a limitation in their activities due to this condition.


Few of the problems that could arise from having flat foot are arthritis, heel pain, bunions and back pain, or a decrease in running speed. Avoid all this by getting treated by our specialist.