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pain Ingrown toenail Feet

You'll get a local anesthetic to ensure that you have no pain or discomfort during the procedure. Once your toe is healed, it will look normal again as you'll normally only need a small portion removed.


Have your ingrown toenail removed with ease so you won't suffer discomfort anymore.

 -  Get a fast appointment

 -  Relieve your pain

 -  Have your toe look much better, faster

 -  You'll appreciate the level of care you get

Treating your ingrown toenail is fast and easy. Don't suffer any longer, call today!

Don't risk infection with an ingrown toenail

As painless as possible

Call us today for your toenail

Get the earliest appointment possible when you call for an ingrown toenail. You'll likely be in a great deal of pain and will need care right away in order to avoid infection. Treatment will surely provide you the relief you are seeking; there's no good reason to suffer for long.


To treat ingrown toenails, a portion of your nail will likely be removed. In most cases, using a local anesthetic, we either trim the nail corner or in some cases remove the entire nail back to the cuticle.